What Is RiskHedge?

RiskHedge is the online home of quality risk-related analysis. We help you understand, manage, and prepare for the risks we face today. RiskHedge uncovers which risks are real and which are hyped up by media or political actors.

At the core of RiskHedge is an unshakable belief that most risks are manageable—and that they don’t have to weigh heavily on how you live your life.

RiskHedge is a neutral meeting point—for the greatest minds in economics, finance, geopolitics, sociology, and other sectors, and for a discerning audience longing for top-level analysis and commentary.

Contributors and readers come from many different spheres and viewpoints. They are united in one goal: a desire to contribute to quality discourse in a society that rewards noise over caliber.

Why RiskHedge Is Required Reading

Public trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. So is public trust in elected officials and central banks. Drowning in information and doublespeak, people are starving for true knowledge.

It has never been more vital (and more difficult) than in the post-2008 world to find trustworthy advice on protecting yourself, your savings, your investments, and your way of life against risks.

These risks include monetary policies imposed by central bankers, increasing political unrest and polarization, the spreading tentacles of terrorism, and crony capitalism.

Concerned citizens and investors alike deserve a source of unbiased expert analysis of 21st-century risk. We hope RiskHedge will become that source for you.

What Readers Should Expect from RiskHedge

“There are more ideas on earth than intellectuals imagine. And these ideas are more active, stronger, more resistant, more passionate than ‘politicians’ think.”
Michel Foucault, French philosopher (1926-1984)

In an era of fierce media competition, objectivity is a dying virtue. Fighting for readers’ loyalty, outlets mistake a dictatorial editorial line for authority.

At RiskHedge, we have the utmost respect for our readers. We are not afraid to say what most outlets shy away from: we do not know everything.

That’s why RiskHedge facilitates industry leaders and deep thinkers to unite with curious readers. Together, we are building a sum infinitely greater than its parts.

We want you, our readers, to know you can rely on RiskHedge articles to come from expert sources. You can expect us to share dependable, engaging, and disciplined articles on the risks you face in your everyday life. Plus, you can rely on RiskHedge to avoid scaremongering and click-baiting.

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